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Custom Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures

Invest in the bathroom of your dreams with a custom frameless shower enclosure from Jackson Glass Co. Boasting a high-end look sure to dress up your en-suite, frameless shower doors and enclosures will improve the aesthetics of your space and have many benefits that make them a better fit than your standard traditional shower.

Customizable and Built to Last

Framed Shower — Elegant Bathroom  in Bartlett, TN
Your home is a space that you can customize to fit the personality and functionality of you and your family. Why let that stop in the bathroom? Framed door and enclosure styles are mass-produced and can lack that personal touch. A frameless shower opens up a door to endless combinations of varying glass options so that you can select a style perfect for you. As an authorized Cardinal dealer, we can walk you through the steps to designing your own personal spa retreat.

With the added style of the frameless shower, comes the benefit of the superior quality of the tempered glass used in their construction. The glass used in the frameless showers is much thicker than that used in framed options. This results in the safety glass of frameless showers being four to five time stronger than their framed counterparts.

Tips on How to Reduce Costs on Your Frameless Shower Enclosures

Get your creative juices flowing.

As a dealer for Cardinal Shower Enclosures, we encourage our customers to visit for ideas to make your frameless shower as unique as you are.

Consider the value of clear glass.

It is less expensive than patterned glass and is the best way to show off that beautiful new tile work you've invested in.

Basic designing is the key.

Have your shower enclosure designed with as few notches or specialty fabrications as possible to keep costs down.

Time is money.

Contain the installation cost by making sure your shower walls, seats, and curbs are plumb before the shower enclosure is measured. Installation costs can climb when the glass installer has to spend extra time adjusting panels and doors to accommodate for framing issues.

Glass thickness matters.

Whenever possible, use a glass thickness of 3/8 inches. This should save approximately 15%.

Invest in your corner of the world.

Use locally owned glass companies to sell, service, and install your new frameless shower enclosure.

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